Queen Victoria - Dibleys
Queen Victoria - Dibleys
Queen Victoria - Dibleys

Queen Victoria

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Genus - Kohleria
Common name
Mature size - Height 45cm, width 20cm
Position - Part shade
Type - Tender perennial
Flowering - May to October
Flower colour - Pink 
Flower diameter - 3.6cm
Delivery size  - 1 x Ø4cm Jumbo plug
Plant habit - Stemmed, medium height, winter dormant


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  • Afternoon, my dad purchased some Kohleria and while they are showing reasonable growth there are no signs of any flowering. Any tips gratefully received Cheers Ian

    The kohlerias normally start flowering in late June. If they are growing well and there are roots coming our of the drainage holes then start feeding fortnightly with a high potash feed.

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