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Streptocarpus Starter Pack

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If you would like to start, or you know somebody who would like to start growing streptocarpus, the following package would be ideal. 
A collection of four streptocarpus plugs(our selection), 4 three-quarter depth Ø10cm pots, compost for 4 plants, a pot of slow release streptocarpus feed, and a copy of Rex Dibley's streptocarpus handbook - Newly updated 3rd Edition . 

Available to 31st October (UK only). FREE DELIVERY

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  • My beautiful ‘falling stars’ has been so healthy and full of flowers for over five months, I have used your fertiliser pills and yellow sticky squares it has gathered a lot of tiny green fly. it’s not stopped them. .and it has now lost all its flowers. I don’t Use chemical sprays. What is the answer? Should I try and take leaf cuttings?

    You could always try a biological pest preventative against aphid if you don't want to use any chemicals.
    The yellow sticky traps will significantly reduce the aphids and you could use them in congunction with repeated sprays of diluted of washing-up liquid or SB Plant Invigorator.

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