Benitochiba (syn 'Benichoma') - Dibleys
Benitochiba (syn 'Benichoma') - Dibleys
Benitochiba (syn 'Benichoma') - Dibleys
Begonia Benitochiba (syn 'Benichoma')

Begonia Benitochiba (syn 'Benichoma')

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The foliage is cut up into serrated leaflets.Pink young foliage becoming silver with age.The veins change from purple to green.It makes a very attractive plant,shrub like in habit.
Genus - Begonia
Group - Large Rhizomatous
Mature size - Height 50cm, width 35cm
Position - Bright, moderate sunshine
Type - Tender perennial
Flowering - May to November
Flower colour - Pink
Leaf size - Large, palmately-divided 
Leaf colour - Pink/silver
Delivery size  - 1 x Ø4cm Jumbo plug
Plant habit - Shrubby, 
Delivery from 1st March to 31st October


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  • Hi I bought this plant from RHS show last year from you. It doesn’t flower anymore. Which feed should I put in the plant? Thanks

    If you want to encourage more flower then feed regularly with a high potash plant food. If it is over a year old it will probably need re-potting which will also encourage more flowers as the plant absorbs the fresh nutrients in the new compost.

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