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Dibleys Streptocarpus Food Tablets

Dibleys Streptocarpus Food Tablets

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We offer an easy to use plant tablet, specially formulated for use with Streptocarpus and also suitable for the other plants we sell.
All you need to do is to insert one or more tablets into the compost once a month. The number you use will depend on the size of the plant, one tablet will be sufficient for a plant in a Ø10cm pot, two will be needed in a Ø13cm pot.


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My kitchen floor!
Saintpaulia Little Bo Peep
New purchase, gorgeous
S. Falling Stars
Targa alongside Dwynwen
customer photo of Dibleys
Beautiful streptacarpus, Fromm Dibleys of course
customer photo of Dibleys
My beautiful falling star
customer photo of Dibleys
customer photo of Dibleys
customer photo of Dibleys
customer photo of Dibleys
customer photo of Dibleys
customer photo of Dibleys
customer photo of Dibleys
Very floriferous this year
Streptocarpus 2021
All my Streptocarpus has been living outside July and most of august, now they live in a north/weat-window. Ida/Denmark
All my Streptocarpus has been living outside in July and most of august, now they live in a north/west window. Ida/ Denmark
Brautiful deep red grow
Festival of Wales
One table full
Lynne's Falling Stars: I’ve had in the house for over a year. It sits on a North-East windowsill and is growing in a 17cm diameter pot which I think suits this variety.
New to me this year
Each morning they make my day.
Frosty Diamond. Arrived as plug plant in Spring. So much growth, so many flowers so quickly!. Located on NE facing bathroom window ledge.
Myfanwy, Frosty Diamond and unknown white one, inherited from a friend. All normally grown on NE facing bathroom window ledge, where they seem to love it.
Roulette Cherry
So many
No idea because I grew from seed
My lovely collection!
Another favourite
A favourite
2 Targa and a 30 year old inherited plant. I’d love to know its name!
S. cooperi corner
A kitchen with a difference
Lemon Sorbet and Isla
A small selection
My streptocarpus have been wonderfully floriferous this year.
Offspring of the streptocarpus that sparked my interest, bought over 20 years ago.
Streptocarpus display
Lots of blooms. Lovely!
Rob's Jitterbug second bloom, by Linda
Love Spots
Rob's Jitterbug second bloom
Lemon Sorbet
Fabulous little violet!
Anthoflores Edith by Linda
Anthoflores Edith by Linda
Buffalo Hunt by Linda
Buffalo Hunt by Linda
'Constant Nymph' purchased 2018
'Tanya', which I've had since 2015
Achimentanthes 'Inferno' bought in 2018.
Achimenes 'Apricot Glow' bought in 2018
A beautiful plant. Nice and compact with lots of flowers throughout the season. Very reliable.
Emerald Giant , has grown to this size From a 4 cm plug in 3 months. Each leaf a little bigger than the one before.  The newest large  Leaf is 28cm long.


Ask a Question
  • Innehåller den mycket Kalium ( och magnesium) som Streptocarpus gillar? Hur mycket?

    Hi, I have added a new image (above) of the contents of the streptocarpus food so you can see the elements

  • Do you ship to USA

    Unfortunately not.  Sorry!

  • Hello! Do your Streptocarpus Food Tablets work for Saintpaulia as well? If so, what would be the recommended feeding schedule/amount? If not, do you have a Saintpaulia plant food for sell? Thanks!

    Yes - the food tablets are suitable for Saintpaulias.  Insert one tablet every six weeks during the growing season.

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