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Streptocarpus Harlequin Delft

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A large flowering variety with violet/blue and yellow flowers freely borne for 8 months of the year.
Genus - Streptocarpus
Mature size - Height 30cm, width 40cm
Position - Part shade
Type - Tender perennial
Flowering - April to October
Flower colour - Violet/yellow
Flower diameter - 5.6cm
Delivery size  - 1 x Ø4cm Jumbo plug
Plant habit - Rosette, low growing
Delivery from 1st March to 31st October


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  • I'm sorry, I meant "What is the difference between Harlequin Purple and Harlequin Delft.

    Harlequin Purple is a slightly shorter plant and the flowers have deep purple lobes.  Harlequin Delft has a slightly bigger flower and is taller.  The colour is also a delft blue.

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