Streptocarpus Zoe - Dibleys
Streptocarpus Zoe - Dibleys
Streptocarpus Zoe - Dibleys

Streptocarpus Zoe

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NEW 2019 A very unusual combination of violet-blue flowers fading into a white- yellow throat with a hint of orange at its base. Strong, upright stems hold the multi-flowering blooms in a tight bunch. 
Genus - Streptocarpus
Mature size - Height 17cm, width 23cm
Position - Part shade
Type - Tender perennial
Flowering - April to October
Flower colour - Violet-blue
Flower diameter - 5.4cm
Delivery size  - 1 x Ø4cm Jumbo plug
Plant habit - Rosette, low growing
Delivery from 1st March to 31st October


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  • How do I look after a plug plant

    We send full instructions out with each order.On arrival of your order,remove from the packaging straight away.Pot each plant into a 10cm pot using a peat or fibre based houseplant compost.Each plant at the nursery here are grown in compost plugs which are enclosed in biodegradeable corn starch netting.Do not remove the netting around the root ball as this could result in root damage,the roots are able to grow through the net.Water moderately and place in a light position out of direct sunshine for the first few days.

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